Enter Cambridge: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

We should really start with food, dontcha think?  Poached eggs, ham, triangular hashbrowns (and triangular butter, as if more fat is necessary) roasted tomah-toes, roasted shrooms and of COURSE Beans.  Gotta love the Brits.

Kim just loved being able to communicate for an entire week.

We left Salzburg on a Saturday. We drove a car to the airport, a bus to the plane, boarded a plane (w/o assigned seating!?), then a train to Cambridge and lastly,  took a taxi to our apartment.  Eliot was in 7th heaven. (THANK GOD!)

Reed found a 3 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Cambridge

Reed found a 3 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Cambridge. Don’t be fooled by the blue.

It. Was. Freezing.  Cold as he__ __.  We just weren’t prepared for the arctic temps exacerbated by the wind. But, we had a kitchen, living room and a separate bedroom for the toddler.  This is crucial to avoid the parents-hangin-the-hotel-hallway scene.  Priceless.

The River Cam.  (get it, Cam-bridge?  They orginally settled by building a bridge over...)

The River Cam. (get it, Cam-bridge? They originally settled by building a bridge over…)

My original caption was, ‘freezing in UK.’ Because, that was my first emotion….if freezing is an emotion.

But, let’s move on!  The river is so quaint and endearing.  Really really lovely, despite the temps.

typical Cambridge bridge.punting boats lined up

The Bridges alone are a sight to be seen. Here, you see the ‘punting boats,’ a popular activity (when penguins aren’t following you)

So, after arriving on Saturday and finding the closest grocery store is a 3 min walk from the apartment…and it is essentially Walmart, life just got a LOT easier.   (no lie, the store, ASDA, is owned by Walmart!).   Let’s be clear- Europe is expensive…the exchange rate alone is a killer, but simple things like, baby wipes, are expensive, so to find Walmart withing walking distance was a God-send.  And the BEER!  The Brits enjoy a good pale ale and IPA just like us Americans, god-love-em.  We drank a lot of good beer on this trip.

On Sunday, we joined Kim’s high school alum who is a prof at the University at a local pub for an English breakfast and she showed us around town.  This is an understatement, Michelle Oyen was crucial to our trip, as she lent us much advice and many sight-seeing books that Kim read like the Bible.  (THANKS AGAIN Michelle!!!)

With her guidance, we were able to navigate the town on Monday and then London on Tuesday. Here are a just a couple of sights we captured on Sunday…

2nd Oldest building in Cambridge, The Round Church.

2nd Oldest building in Cambridge, The Round Church. built 1130 (although the circular roof was added later)

King's College.

King’s College. 1441.  That’s really old.

I think my College student Union (in Wisconsin) was built in…like…1978.  I was so cheated in architecture.Kings college

Here, the pub where brainstorming took place. (and still does?) Crick & Watson discussed DNA

Here, The Eagle Pub where brainstorming took place (and still does?) Crick & Watson used this pub as a place to discuss their DNA research, ‘whilst refreshing themself with an ale.’

I knew there was a reason I drank ale, only good things can come.

Ok, with that said, we have started our re-telling of our e-journey to the UK.  My ale has run out, and we are tired.  To be continued tomorrow!   Hope you have enjoyed our journey to Cambridge so far,



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