Bacon-Bread……..Need I say more?

Today in the bakery, I did my best pointing and grunting out “Das” (german for ‘that’) towards a long white bread roll, with what looked to have some kind of meat enclosed.  I needed a snack as Eliot and I caught our bus home….we were dangerously close to sabotaging yet another nap-time.  Today was perhaps the 3rd day we actually required SUNGLASSES! It was spectacular.

At any rate, I have this urge to publish a silly blog about how incredible it is to have bacon in your fresh bread.  It sounds kinda-white-trashy to put bacon in bread…and I am convinced the Germanic culture does NOT consider whatever morsel of processed meat I consumed today to be American ‘bacon.’  Nevertheless, it was to-die-for.

I must ship some home to our dog-sitters (aka ‘saints’).  If what you have read today allows you to reconsider this calling and  would like to be included on the dog-sitter list, contact me 🙂



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