Saturday Jaunt to Old Town and Chocolately-Goodness.

The couple living in Europe with their toddler and without a stroller, can say that no longer!  On Saturday, we lined up for the first Kinder-FlohMarket of the season.  And, found a quite-well-used “buggy” for our sight-seeing pleasure.  We had to stay in town to do it, so after seizing the deal, we promptly loaded up our 15 kilogram bundle of joy and headed into Old Town.

Umbrella stroller in hand...

Umbrella stroller in hand…

Reed and the new wheels

Approaching Getreidegasse, THE shopping street in Salzburg and near Mozart’s birthplace…

(Reed & Eliot, bottom right!)

It is a very touristy spot in the summer, so we actually are dealing with very little traffic this time of year.   I am told, the ‘locals’ don’t visit Getreidegasse very much, except the high society-set.   These women (and frequently their pooches) parade around in THE most elaborate FURS.  Granted, nearly any fur is elaborate…but the amount of furs  in this town is out-of-control.  I would love to snatch a photo for you all , but somehow I would feel like a hippy-tourist to raise the camera when these gals walk by….

and can I just add, today, I saw a MAN in a fur.  Short-waisted, but a FUR.  I digress….

We found ourselves in the heart of it, The Old Market (Alter Market) Square...

We found ourselves in the heart of it, The Old Market (Alter Market) Square… next to University of Salzburg Church

And, indulged in Salzburg's finest quick food- Würstel Stand.

And, indulged in Salzburg’s finest quick food- Würstel Stand (and a small Stiegl Bier). You MUST double-click to fully appreciate the cuisine.

Eliot prefers his whole milk to a frankfurter, as you can see in the bottom-right of the picture.

Allow me to introduce Mozartkugel.  It is similar to a Bon Bon, with a pistacho marzipan center and nougat layer around that…covered in chocolate.   They sell them absolutely everywhere in Salzburg, and we just happen to live < a couple of miles from the actual chocolate factory that produces one of the most popular Mozartkugels, called Mirabell Mozartkugel…so we are always fully stocked of the stuff.

One of the most popular Mozart Bon Bon's...

One of the most popular Mozartkugel in Austria

I would like to sit down and eat 15 of these a day, followed up by a cafe latte and bask in the pistachio- nougat-chocolatey goodness.  The End.


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