Skiing in a 17th Century Summer Palace!?

When the weather cooperates, Salzburg grooms a short 2 Kilometer loop along Hellbrunner Allee…the garden of a 17th Century Summer Palace.  We are about to lose the snow in town to warmer temperatures, so I consider myself lucky to have been able to ski here a handful of times.  Another SOUND OF MUSIC attraction happens to be housed at Hellbrunner…the pavilion where Liesl sang “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”…don’t be fooled, the actress was actually 21 when she filmed it..but no bother.

I snagged a panorama of the park, and a couple shots of the famous gazebo.  The Sound of Music gifted it to the city years ago and they moved it here…but it is locked. According to one of my many travel books, apparently some stupid tourist was horsing around, mimicking the movie and managed to break a hip. So, the rest of us are unable to attempt it…

So, pretty much, it is a white gazebo.  But, I am cheesy enough, if it were not locked, you would most likely find me hopping around from bench to bench pretending to be Liesl…

and just for the memories, (and a bit of a laugh if you watch all the way through…).

Just for the record, the first time Reed kissed me, I reacted the same way as Liesl, honest!


3 thoughts on “Skiing in a 17th Century Summer Palace!?

  1. Oh, a trip down memory lane! Sounds like you are finding the wonder and magic of each day. Auto correct tried to take my word magic and make it manic. That could be true too!

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