From 1600’s to Ultra Contemporary

So, this is NOT what I expected to do on my European vacation…but , it was free, easy to find and park, and full of things 2 1/2 yr old boys love.  Turns out, the founder of Red Bull Energy Drink, Dietrich Mateschitz, got filthy rich on Red Bull and is from Salzburg!   So, introducing Hangar 7.  From it’s website:

Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is a unique building which houses the historical Flying Bulls aircraft
fleet and a collection of Formula 1 race cars. Hangar-7 also offers space for art exhibitions.
And with its Restaurant Ikarus, two bars an Outdoor Lounge and one café, it is not just an events location,
but a meeting point for art lovers and bons vivants, too.

The architecture is stunning.  Here is Eliot outside- try to pick out his little body

see him?

see him?

here he is :)

here he is 🙂

And, now from a real photographer, off their website:

So, they have a Threesixty bar at the very very top if you dare to walk that high.  They have 2 other ultra contemporary restaurants that look amazing and a lovely cafe on the bottom floor that was packed with people.

So, this is my first attempt at posting a video.  If you are able to access it, you will see Eliot asking me over and over, “where are we in now?’  The close-up of ‘Navy’ is especially for Jeff (Lukia please share with him!) and Joshua.  As I span the ‘ceiling’ note the chairs. You can view it in the thumbnail as well (before you click play).  The very top houses the 360 bar, where the floor is glass and you can have Red Bull cocktails if you are not afraid of heights!  There are 2 other funky bars that would be blast to sit and have a cocktail (without Red Bull preferably!).  I hope to return with Reed, the food looked amazing. You can catch a glimpse of the bars and cafe as I scan the other direction.

Anyhow, this is how Eliot and I spent our Valentine’s Day.  It isn’t much of a holiday here, so it kinda came and went without much flair.  I am late posting due to the video problems…Reed & I did have lovely gnocchi dinner and chocolate raspberry cake that evening 🙂

Hope you all had a nice heart-day as well!

wine, chocolate, flowers and laptop (in an effort to watch a movie)

wine, chocolate, flowers and laptop (in an effort to watch a movie)

"For Valentines Day" (???)

“For Valentines Day”


One thought on “From 1600’s to Ultra Contemporary

  1. Sweet footage of the Red Bull hangar!! Thanks for the close-up of the Navy Corsair-a classic. Lukia and I have been enjoying your blog and your stories of adventure. So many wonderful experiences. Cheers.

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