Surprise View

In a peaceful moment during naptime, I discovered a stunning new view.  The top floor of our apartment is a newly remodeled room that serves as an extra bedroom for the B & B.  We rarely go up there because you have to take a windy staircase, and there is plenty of room for us downstairs.  However,  the fixtures are all white with light colored wood and there is a lovely balcony so I really need to make a point of going up more often because it is so refreshing!  Yesterday, I stepped upstairs and snapped this photo and realized there was a stunning view to the East.

Look for the Castle in the background and lovely mountain to the right.

Click to enlarge and look for the Castle in the background and lovely mountain to the right.

gotta love the duck in the foreground. Aflac!!

Here is that castle cropped out of the previous pic

Here a close up of the castle, Fortress Hohensalzburg

Since one  simply can’t visit too many castles, we plan to visit others in the area soon.  There is a gorgeous one just south of town, it opens the end of February.

and, here I zoomed into the mtn...I don't know the name of this one, it isn't as popular at Untersberg, that I have posted previously.

Here I zoomed into the mountain, Gaisberg. You can take a bus to the near top and hike around the top, apparently…


2 thoughts on “Surprise View

  1. Wow, so great to see where you are. Love the Black and white photo of you three too. I lived in Salzburg many years ago (exchange student) and used to study at one of those monasteries turned beer hall! Gained a few pounds too! Have fun.

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