Lost in Ikea. …

Lost in Ikea.

Today, I got lost in Ikea.  Easy enough to do in your own country, but enough to nearly bring a person to tears when you cannot one read any of the signs and your 2 yr old desperately needs a nap. Sigh.

Turns out, they sell wine with the lunch.  I had one.  Without it, I am sure I would have been in tears when I was nearly lost in the underground parking lot.  The success story of it all, is that I did manage to buy a month-to-month mobile phone, which is a necessity because our apartment does not have a land-line.  I thought I was doing really well to simply find my way there and back by car (without tears).  

One of these days, I DO intend to do something unique to Austria- like visit the castle or ski in the Alps!  I just had to get that phone business out of the way…



3 thoughts on “Lost in Ikea. …

  1. Make sure you ski the Alps! Andre’ (our son) said it was the best skiing EVER!!! and he raced all over the US and Canada. Have fun and stay safe.

  2. I noticed that it is much more difficult to navigate when you get out of tourist areas. I got lost for a few when I was last in Korea. I it was hard enough with just my suitcases so I cannot imagine doing that with a toddler also.

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