What’s in a Name?

Most of you may not have noticed, but we changed the name a bit.  Turns out, our first choice actually meant the noun.  As in “Reed & Kim’s love-life”…(YIKES), not the adjective…'(we) love (our) life… our obvious intent! Thinking most of our friends and family are not interested in the former, “Leben lieben” is more accurate in the expert opinion of our German friends…in that we are attempting to embrace the joys (and woes) of life with a toddler (at our age!) …combined with being in a ‘strange’ country….strange to us, of course.  As in:

The refrigerator:  Tiny.

Dryer: non-existent. We have a lovely clothes hanger and array of clothes pins.

Cottage cheese: a bit difficult to find (I have not even attempted peanut butter, but why bother when there is Nutella?)

Beer: appears to be the beverage of choice before noon.  I (Kim) spotted beer drinkers at the LIBRARY at 11 am…


Upon her first excursion to the market in Salzburg….Kim chose to embrace this by filling the small fridge predominantly with wine and beer. (in German, “Vine undt bee-uh. ) as seen above.

The redeeming quality of the market in Austria thus far: A lot of sausage and cheese. Everywhere (for Eliot, this means Hot-Dog-heaven). .  Kim even brought home oven-ready pretzels and THE most lovely mustard for Reed tonight.  LOVE life!


3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I’d recommend Speculoos as an alternative to peanut butter, rather than Nutella (though neither Nutella nor Speculoos have protein, and both have tons of sugar). Try the stuff, and you’ll be addicted!!!

  2. Weiner Schnitzel, done. Sehr guut.
    Will do, Leah! thanks. (I haven’t actually bought the Nutella yet,I did notice it doesn’t have hydrogenated oil like our version does, but I will definitely look for Speculoos). Besides no hydrogenated oil or HFCS, there is nothing a whole lot healthier about German cuisine, that is for sure…lots o’ gluten too!

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