Reed’s New Baby


It has keyless entry.  It has a hands-free mobile phone option.  It has individual auto-thermostat for each front passenger.  It is flamenco-red.  It is our new Volvo.  And it is also the reason we flew into Sweden rather than directly into Austria.  I think it actually called Reed, “007” when we first entered the vehicle, I think he is in love.  More importantly, Kim looks best in Red.

So, Volvo paid for 2 of our plane tix, gave us the one night’s stay in the Radisson (nap-time pic as seen below), a free lunch and a lovely tour of the facility.   We were pleasantly surprised by the factory tour, it is a really great company and are proud to own our first Volvo.  Kim not only looks good in red, but needs a safe car, as she has had one roll-over in her life…they will ship the car back to Minneapolis when we are done with our ‘tour’ in June.  I highly recommend this, if you ever consider buying a new Volvo!Image

Pictured here: two good reasons to own a safe car.


smile too cute to not include. He successfully won everyone over at the Volvo plant.  He especially liked the Robots in the assembly line making the cars…Image

Honestly, this blog entry was titled “Reed’s baby,” but let’s be honest.  Kim is planning on taking this car over when we return to life in Missoula 🙂


10 thoughts on “Reed’s New Baby

  1. Very nice. I had a Volvo. Bought it when it had 150k. Sold it with another 150 k on it with no major issues. Very comfy.

  2. Can’t think of a better reason to visit Sweden in January but of course you’ll want to give it a good workout on the Autoban and other fabulous European roads before having the restriction of driving 65 in the US. Enjoy.

  3. Love the car! I really love the Volvo SUV; my husband did too until he saw the price tag! 😉 Oh, well; I like my Explorer. It’s been a faithful friend for 8 years and I’ll be sorry to see it go but it’s about time for a new model.

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